LDOS Information

LDOS (Lightweight Distributed Object System) is a CORBA-like system which is optimized to minimize run-time costs. More information on LDOS is available from these sources.
  • Programmer's View of the LDOS System postscript pdf
  • The LDOS Interface: Present and Future (Fx Meeting 2/5/97) powerpoint
  • A Lightweight Distributed Object System (Systems Design And Implementation Seminar 10/17/96) abstract
  • A Lightweight Distributed Object System (Immigration Course Demo 1996) powerpoint poster
  • LDOS is not currently being distributed.

    LDOS HTML Interface Info

    You probably got here via a request form generated by the HTML Interface of some Lightweight Distributed Object (LDOS.) The HTML interface translates between HTML forms and the "StreamCall" interface of LDOS objects. This is a very inefficient way to access these objects, but it lets you use a conventional web browser to invoke methods on an LDOS object.

    Here is an example form generated by the LDOS HTML interface:

    Interface Accumulate

    Method add


    The title of the form, "Interface Accumulate" in this example, indicates the interface (the public, exported methods) of the class of the object you are talking to. Each method is represented by a table named by the method ("Method add"), buttons to invoke the method ("Submit Query") and reset the form ("Reset"), and the types and direction of any arguments to the method ("IN UINT", "OUT UINT").

    After a method is invoked, you will receive a page confirming your invocation which will list the output values of any OUT or INOUT tagged arguments. For example:

    Response Accumulate::add

    add_1 = 2

    For further information/complaints about LDOS, contact Peter A. Dinda.