Analysis and Prediction of the Dynamic Behavior of Applications, Hosts, and Networks

Instructor:Peter A. Dinda
Time:Spring 2006, T/Th 3:30-5
Location:Tech L168 (will probably move to Systems Lab in Ford)
Course number:CS 395/495 (slated to become CS 442)
Office hours:Thursdays 2-3:30, or by appointment
Newsgroups: cs.dynamics.announce
Mailing list: Announced in class

Winter 2001 instance of this course
Spring 2002 instance of this course
Spring 2003 instance of this course

General Handouts

  • Syllabus (pdf)
  • Reading List (pdf)
  • Project Ideas (handed out in class)
  • A number of additional handouts and papers will be distributed as photocopies during class
  • Resources

  • Some time series analysis scripts
  • Statsoft Electronic Statistics Textbook
  • BBN Prophet Statistical Analysis Software and Stat Guide (also available in the TLAB)
  • The TLAB
  • Matlab (available in the TLAB and site-licensed for Northwestern)
  • Statistics Toolbox - "help stats"
  • System Identification Toolbox - "help ident"
  • Control Systems Toolbox - "help control"
  • Wavelet Toolbox - "help wavelet"
  • Maple (available in the TLAB and site-licensed for Northwestern)
  • S-Plus, Mathematica, Systat, TableCurve, etc (Let me know if you need access to these)
  • Remos
  • NWS
  • RPS
  • Netlogger
  • Host Load Trace Archive
  • Internet Traffic Archive
  • Myers Anycast Data
  • NLANR Network Traces
  • CODA Project Traces
  • CAIDA: Cooperative Association for Internat Data Analysis

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